Saifee Burhani
Upliftment Project

Project overview

Setting India’s template for urban rejuvenation & holistic transformation.

The vibrant yet congested canvas of Bhendi Bazaar has been transformed into a new rendition brought to life by the grand vision of the Saifee Burhani Upliftment Project (SBUP), India’s largest urban renewal project in the heart of Mumbai.

With the aim to create an environment that fosters human development in all aspects – spiritual, intellectual, social, and financial – the project is fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of over 25,000 people living and working in the neighbourhood.

Covering a 16.5-acre expanse, the redevelopment project encompasses over 250 dilapidated buildings, housing 3200 families and 1,250 shops. These structures are being integrated into 11 new state-of-the-art towers, featuring new buildings, spacious roads, modern infrastructure, open areas, and well-connected commercial zones. The enhancement of masjids and religious structures serves to maintain the socio-cultural milieu of the neighbourhood.

The project is designed to address the present and future socio-economic needs of the people of Bhendi Bazaar. The area’s master plan is developed using the best urban planning principles, aiming to serve as a model for the entire city and other urban renewal projects nationwide.

The master plan aligns with the requirements of the people, the welfare of the neighbourhood, and business interests, while also incorporating aesthetic design and urban principles. To ensure efficient management and functionality, the area is divided into nine sectors. The fusion of modern and Islamic architectural styles, including arches, jallis, and latticework, imbues the neighbourhood with a distinctive identity.

The vision of the Saifee Burhani Upliftment Project to create a modern urban area is not only setting a precedent for urban renewal projects in Mumbai but also providing impetus for other urban renewal projects in India and throughout the world.

“Internationally, we have developed existing neighbourhoods. But this project is challenging as SBUT is integrating the existing character of a place with the new design.”

Roland Baer, 
Renowned Urban Designer

“It is wonderful to see how this project has captured the imagination of people and I am confident that the project will initiate other inner-city redevelopments in the country.”

Adil Zainulbhai,
Chairman of Network18 Group & Former Senior Adviser at McKinsey

Sustainable Development

The project is holistically planned to promote a sustainable way of living.

The entire 16.5-acre area is divided into functionally appropriate spaces, with buildings gradually increasing in height from south to north to minimize heat retention and maximize natural ventilation and daylight within the apartments.

Ample open areas, green spaces, playgrounds, and recreational facilities are being incorporated, while wide roads, lined with trees, are replacing narrow lanes, ensuring smooth vehicular flow and pedestrian-friendly walkways. The area also features its own environmentally friendly and efficient sewage treatment plant, solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and waste disposal units. Each of the nine planned sectors is operating independently, with dedicated provisions for solid waste and sewage management, power supply, and sustainable practices.

The project strives to achieve ‘resource-neutrality’ and has already received pre-certification as ‘Gold’ from the Indian Green Buildings Council, reflecting its commitment to sustainable and environmentally conscious development.


Residents will be provided with a minimum of 375 square feet (approx. 35 square meters) of carpet area, giving each home a self-contained one-bedroom unit, along with the following amenities

Ownership of the brand-new apartments

A minimum carpet area of 375 sq. ft. for one BHK unit

Buildings with recreational facilities and community activity areas

New premises with well-planned infrastructure and modern amenities

Designated parking for residents

Sustainable construction that will reduce maintenance requirements

Safe and secure living environment

Wide roads, footpaths, and sufficient open spaces

Solar panels to conserve energy

Energy-efficient fittings


Creating a vibrant and modern shopping area, while also providing the following amenities:

A unique high-street shopping experience to ensure maximum footfall

Designated parking for shop owners and visitors

Main road-facing for all shops for maximum visibility and frontage

Easy access to shops through elevators, escalators, and stairways

Vibrant commercial market with diverse businesses

Safe and secure working environment

Provision of reserved washrooms for shop owners

Al Saadah

Al Saadah meaning ‘prosperity’ are two high-rise towers of the project which were completed in 2019.

Al Ezz

Al Ezz, signifying ‘honour’ are the next twin towers, shaping dreams into reality.

An Nasr

An Nasr meaning ‘victory’ completes the redevelopment journey of the people of Bhendi Bazaar.

Awards & Recognition