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One of the oldest native markets of Mumbai, Bhendi Bazaar is a bustling hub for shoppers who visit the area from every part of the city for its uniqueness. The bazaar is especially popular for its ethnic delicacies, antiques and religious & cultural paraphernalia. Markets here have organically grown and are formed of different specialities ranging from foam, leather, clothing, and religious paraphernalia to hardware, antiques and services. Raudat Tahera and Saifee Masjid have attracted religious tourists from around the world. And yet, owing to the lack of infrastructure no major investments have been made in the markets and they are slowly stagnating. Capital is being driven to other more competitive neighbourhoods.

  • Eateries


  • Antiques Market

    Antiques Market

  • Hardware Market

    Hardware Market

  • Textiles Market

    Textiles Market

  • Timber Market

    Timber Market

  • Friday Flee Market

    Friday Flee Market

  • Foam Market

    Foam Market

  • Religious Paraphernalia

    Religious Paraphernalia

  • General Stores

    General Stores

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