Transit Facilities

The transit is intended to provide residents with a firsthand experience of living in a modern, healthy environment.

SBUT has constructed, furnished, and is maintaining two residential transits at Anjeerwadi (Mazgaon) and Ghodapdeo. Along with the parking area, recreational space, social gathering space, and lifts, the trust also assists residents in maintaining clean surroundings by offering dedicated facility management services. Each room is equipped with a kitchen, attached toilet, carpet, cupboard, curtains, hot water geysers, and a washing machine.

The Trust has also obtained additional transit units from MHADA at Ghodapdeo (Sewri) and Chunabhatti (Sion). These buildings have been refurbished to ensure that they meet the standards of their owned transit facility at Mazgaon. After nearly three decades of enduring deteriorating conditions, these transits have brought a breath of fresh air and new hope for tenants until their new premises get ready in Bhendi Bazaar.

Furnished Apartments

Each room is furnished with a kitchen, attached toilet, carpet, cupboard, curtains, a hot water geyser, and a washing machine

Self-contained Accommodation

This option provides a safe and secure neighbourhood close to Bhendi Bazaar

Professional Housekeeping

Dedicated facility management ensures the timely maintenance of the premises


The use of sewage treatment and water recycling plants, along with solar panels, reflects the commitment to sustainable practices

Saifee Burhani Park Transit 1

Thakur Estate, Off Mascarenhas Road, Chapsi Bhimji Road, Near Old Anjirwadi,Mazgaon, Mumbai – 400 010.

Saifee Burhani Park Transit 2

New Hind Mill Compound, Rambhau Bhogale Marg, Kher Bunder, Mazgaon, Mumbai – 400 033.



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