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The project is planned holistically to promote sustainable way of living. The entire area will be divided into functionally appropriate spaces, and the buildings rise in height from south to north to minimise heat ingress while maximising air circulation and natural lighting around the buildings.

Significantly more space will be available for open areas, green spaces, play and recreational facilities. Wide roads will replace the narrow and congested lanes to accommodate tree lined footpaths that will allow for smooth flow of vehicular traffic. Best principles for traffic management have been incorporated in the design.

The area will have its own environment-friendly and efficient sewage treatment plant, solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and garbage disposal units. Each of the 7 planned sub-clusters will be independent with provisions for their own solid waste and sewage management, power provision and open spaces. The project aims to be resource neutral. It has already been pre-certified 'Gold' by the Indian Green Buildings Council.

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