Transit Facilities

The Trust has established a commercial transit facility right in the heart of the project, serving as a model for transforming an unorganised, chaotic marketplace into a well-planned, modern shopping destination.

The purpose of this on-site transit is to minimise the displacement of businesses during the construction phase in other sectors while assisting the diverse mix of businesses in adapting to the traditional street shopping environment taking shape in the project.

In addition, the Trust has constructed another commercial transit facility, the Mufaddal Shopping Arcade (MSA), to temporarily accommodate shops that are part of the redevelopment project. MSA is close to the existing Bhendi Bazaar marketplace, providing higher visibility for the shops and offering an array of amenities to facilitate business growth.

Street Shopping Experience

Wide entrances to facilitate pedestrian movement

Dedicated Facility Management

Timely maintenance of the premises

Safe Business Environment

Fire alarm and sprinkler network i in case of emergencies

Prayer Room & Washroom

Provision of washrooms and a prayer room for all shopkeepers and visitors

Mufaddal Shopping Arcade

Mufaddal Shopping Arcade, Ramchandra Bhatt Marg, Noorbaug, Mumbai – 400009

Cluster 2 Transit

Cluster 2 Transit, Pakmodia Street, Bhendi Bazaar, Mumbai – 400003



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