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Present day Bhendi Bazaar is a mosaic of closely knit communities & Bazaars which have woven a unique culture. However, the aging infrastructure has caused a decline in the standard of living.



Despite the hustle bustle and the full-of-life ambience of the area, it remains one of the most under-developed and neglected areas in the city. The area is serviced by an infrastructure that is nearly a hundred years old. Built for another time, the area is deprived of footpaths or roads navigable by cars. No system for waste disposal exists even today. Residents receive water for only a few hours a day.

Many buildings made of wood and brick are seriously affected by structural weaknesses. Size and state of the roads makes it almost impossible for vehicular traffic to move. Lack of footpaths and congestion makes it a challenging prospect to even walk. Out-dated sanitation and inadequate fire & safety measures leave the population very vulnerable to natural and man-made calamities. Visitors are met with heaps of rubbish and rodents scurrying around. A once resplendent neighbourhood is slowly being gripped in the throes of decay.

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