Planning is crucial to ensure that the future Bazaar is one where businesses would flourish and prosper. Inputs from the commercial tenants with advice from the expert consultants have shaped the plans and designs to ensure that businesses are a commercial success. Based on the dialogue with the tenants and the consultants, the high street model of shopping was established to be the most apt design. All the shops will be facing the road and design principles will be used to create a pedestrian friendly neighbourhood. The high street shopping environment will attract new trade and customers to the area, while generating more employment and bringing wider socio-economic benefits. Modern facilities, a clean and safe environment with easy parking and improved infrastructure will give the businesses in the area a competitive edge.

Ownership of commercial establishments A unique high street shopping experience to ensure maximum footfalls
Each Self - sustained sub-cluster Designated parking for shop owners and visitors
Main road facing for all shops Easy access to shops through elevators, escalators and stairways
Vibrant commercial market of diverse businesses Safe & secured working environment
Provision of reserved washrooms for shop owners Availability of Prayer rooms and crèches

Quote Once completed, we will come back to a more organized and sophisticated shops which will result in more business and customers.


Fakhruddin Mithaiwala
Commercial tenant in Bhendi Bazaar